Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the performing of routine tasks necessary to keep a roof in watertight condition. Like routine oil changes for a car, this planned maintenance increases the longevity of the roof and prevents costly, unexpected repairs.

The basic elements of a preventive maintenance program for roofs are:

  • Scheduled visual inspections to determine the current condition of the roof membrane and flashings.
  • Immediate repair of any defect before it allows moisture to enter the roof system or building interior.
  • Reports on roof condition, suggested repairs and budgetary expense plans.

Active Management

Maintenance programs allow you to budget for repairs and provide the service necessary to comply with your roof manufacturer warranty. The Jay Carter Roofing & Sheet Metal program can help you with a “proactive” approach. It will save you money, extend the life of your roof and give you peace of mind!

  • Jay Carter Roofing & Sheet Metal  maintenance programs are designed to:
  • Fit your specific roof needs and budget
  • Keep your roof working at maximum potential
  • Keep unexpected repairs to a minimum
  • Extend the life of your roof system
  • Provide added security to the building contents and occupants
  • Improve management of financial resources
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