Consider the roof

It’s a system that protects your home, family and property. If a leak occurs, treasured belongings can be damaged in an instant. It may be out-of-sight, but if it fails, it won’t be out of mind.

Roofs affect our environment – from the materials used to construct them to the light they reflect into our atmosphere.

Jay Carter Roofing & Sheet Metal carries and installs the latest in roof technology:

  • Quality materials
  • Installation expertise
  • Energy efficiency

We can help you select the perfect roof for your home.

Take a look at one of our latest projects


One of the newest – and inspired product offerings – is a synthetic slate, manufactured and sold by InSpire Roofing Products. It’s a perfect combination of the natural beauty found in slate, along with the most technologically advanced methods and materials.

For instance, multiple molds are used to create a variety of edges and surfaces, creating the look of real slate. InSpire has strength, durability and a wide range of colour options.

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