Metal Shingles


Metal shingles are a great option for those who don’t like the industrial or modern look of the standing seam roofing system, but still want the quality and superior performance of a metal roof.

Metal shingle roofing systems can offer a distinguished look of traditional roofing systems including: asphalt shingles, natural slate, cedar shingle, clay tiles and more. In a comparison of asphalt (composition) shingles, cedar, and clay tiles, these shingles will last much longer.

Metal shingles are manufactured by using a stamping press, which stamps the different types of profiles, lock flanges, and locks. They are made with an interlocking system. There are different materials that metal shingles are made of, most commonly aluminum and steel. We prefer to use steel as it is a more durable material that can be walked on.

Metal shingles are comparable in quality of a standing seam roof; they provide an equal protective covering that is durable and dependable.
With a lifetime 50-year non-prorated warranty, you can’t go wrong with a metal roofing system.

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