The Jay Carter Roofing & Sheet Metal Work Flow

We’re your roofer of choice and we want it to stay that way. When everything is said and done, we know you’ll be delighted. Here’s what we do to make that happen:


Before we start any job, we tell you what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it. At this stage, you’ve chosen your roofing materials and colours, you have copies of warranties and guarantees and, of course, a firm quote for the cost of the project. We’ve answered all your questions – maybe some you didn’t even think to ask. We’ll tell you when our crew will arrive, how long we’ll be on location and what you can expect.

Prepare the site

We set up with two goals in mind – to keep you and your family safe and to protect the property surrounding your home. We lay out huge tarps to protect your lawn, shrubs and flowers from debris and we cover all parts of your house that could be damaged as the work progresses.

On the roof

There’s going to be dirt and noise, but we do our best to keep that to a minimum. Our expert installers are all in uniform, so you’ll know they have a right to be there. The crew chief is always on hand to answer any questions you might have as we build your new roof. All of our people are in harness, hooked to strong lines so they can navigate without fear of accidents.

Just the way we found it

When we’re finished the roof, the crew begins the cleanup. They comb your property looking for pieces of roofing materials that may have gone astray. The tarps are rolled up and put away before driveways and sidewalks are swept. And we run a special magnet over everything to pick up lost nails and other metal. The only thing we leave behind is a gleaming new roof, perfectly installed, ready to protect your home for years to come.


A few days after we’ve gone, you’ll probably forget we’ve been there. The only memory we want you to have is the one that says: “I picked a good roofer, my home is secure, I have a terrific guarantee and peace of mind”
When you feel that way – we’re delighted.

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