At Jay Carter Roofing & Sheet Metal we’ve put technology to work for our clients.

We’ve created a custom-built, online roofing system, equipped with proprietary management tools – one that we think is unparalleled in the industry. This system can be accessed by any authorized user, 24 hours a day, with all the security features that you would expect from a high-end system.

Using our new system, we can provide home and building owners with a description of their property, a computer-generated sketch of the work to be done, high-quality digital photographs and a detailed estimate to support our recommendations. Assessment information and quotes can be available within hours of an inspection.

Our online, interactive system also provides our clients with all the information they need after a job has begun, such as progress reports, inspection data and a post job survey. At any time, our clients can communicate with us through the system and receive an instant reply.

All of this function is integrated with our head office job management and dispatch call center. We can track our crews using GPS technology, communicate quickly with our field foremen, and treat each of our evaluation teams as a virtual mobile office.

This is the future of roofing, and we are on the leading edge. We will continue to develop and add to our system as new technologies emerge – all in an effort to serve you better.

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